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“I first saw Dr. Jeff for some hip and low back pain I had been having on and off for a few years.  I did try some physical therapy with not much help.  We started care and after about 2 weeks my hip started to get better and after a month, my hip pain was gone.  During and after my corrective care, I have noticed more strength in my hips and back, no stiffness when I would get up or after sitting for a period of time and no pain when I run or do any activities.  I feel like a normal person again.  It’s weird when you have problems so long you learn to just deal with them and thinking that you are old.  But only being 18, I realized that I do not have to have this all my life, I can fix the problems now and be healthier for the rest of my life.  Thanks Dr. Jeff for opening my eyes on what true health really is!"- Kayla



"When I started getting my adjustments from Dr. Jeff, I was in rough shape.  I had upper back and neck pain with recurring headaches.  Dr. Jeff then taught me about corrective care and how it could help me with not only my aches and pains I was having but how it can change my life.  After the first few adjustments I noticed that my headaches were gone.  Then after more sessions I noticed that my posture was better and I was thinking more clearly. Dr. Jeff has helped me get back the life I want to live.  Thanks Dr. Jeff for changing my life and the life of my family!" –Josh



"When I first came in I had pain in my mid and upper back going all the way up my neck.  The discomfort happened most while sitting or doing physical activities.  I was at the point where I had to give up doing physical activities, which I really love to do.  After my treatment my pain was gone.  I do not feel discomfort after sitting and have returned to playing recreational sports truly enjoying life again!  Thanks!"-Adam



“I came in to see Dr. Jeff because I was having some low back pain over the past few years due to my job.  I found out that not only was my low back out of normal position and neck was almost straight with literally no cure, but I had a 10 mm short leg.  After a few weeks of care my pain in my back was gone and I truly felt better than I had in many years.  I continued my care and nearly got my spine back to normal ranges.  Dr. Jeff taught my about how I can change my life for the better and live a much happier/healthier life.  Thanks Dr. Jeff for changing my life and my future!" –Lynn



"I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Jeff and was amazed at what he found so I asked him to look at me to see what I had going on.  I was so impressed at the quality of care and passion he had for me and my daughter.  He really cares for his patients and will do whatever he can to help anyone get healthy.  I never realized how unhealthy of a life I was living.  He helped me change for the better.  Now each day I focus on me and my health, doing whatever I can to make sure I don’t have poor health like my parents.  I want to live a full and healthy life.  Dr. Jeff has taught me how to live a healthier life."-Shelly



"I started seeing Dr. Jeff in March 2005 because I had numbness in my left foot due to a bulged disc in my back.   By receiving adjustments and traction 2 to 3 times a week the numbness in  my leg foot has been reduced.  Dr. Jeff has showed me the proper exercises to stretch your back muscles, also to help in the processes."- Tammy


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